Nic "Full Send"

My name is Nic Conroy, one of the highest energy network and cyber security nerds on the face of the planet.

I was adopted not as an infant but at a fairly young age. I grew up most of my life in Colorado, and my full send activities typically include all two wheelers (pedal and motor driven), river activities, Jiu Jitsu, and of course pushing the boundaries of traffic inspection and visibility.

I am a United States Marine, a Father, and though it may seem like I eat, sleep, and breathe Cyber.... My role as a father is the most fun and rewarding part of my life. My role I played as a United States Marine has transformed me into the man I am today.

I hope to share this page with the greater Cyber and Network communities as a source of enablement. I like to bring unique views on solving super complex problems.

Feel free to find me out on the socials, and shoot me messages for content requests. Feel free to bring me complex problems to solve as well.

Finally: It's 2023 so... I gotta say Though I am definitely a Cisco Fan boy, and they may or may not be my employer of choice, any views, or representations made on this site or it's subsites are the views of mine, and mine only. They do not reflect that of my employer.